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Terms and Conditions

Cost of Membership

  • The annual cost of membership to Seawake is Bronze £1,995 (one thousand nine hundred and ninety five pounds), Silver £2,995 (two thousand nine hundred and ninety five pounds) and Gold £6,995 (six thousand nine hundred and ninety five pounds). The membership fee can be paid in monthly installments) - deposit of 2 months followed by 10 equal monthly payments. The minimum membership term is 12 months.


Who can be a Member

  1. Membership is open to anyone over 18 who holds an RYA Power Boat Level 2 certificate.
  2. Joint membership is possible - perfect for friends and families who boat together or would like to share the membership. Shared members can only book 1 boat on any 1 day. While the membership fee remains the same there is a charge of £50 per shared member which covers the insurance administration charge.


Using the Boats

  1. As long as the member is present there is no limit on the number of friends, guests, family members, pets you can have on board — the only limit is the number of persons that the boat is certified to carry.
  2. All boats carry safety equipment inc. VHF radio, flares, life jackets, fire extinguishers.
  3. All members will be given an initial familiarisation session. There is no charge for this session.
  4. While under the members control, the boats become the members responsibility. In the unlikely event of the boat sustaining accidental damage then the member will be informed and charged either the excess on the insurance policy or for the damage if the repair is less than the excess of the insurance policy.
  5. We recommend that life jackets are worn at all times by all persons in the boat. Life jackets must been worn by any person being towed on water skis, wakeboard, inflatable toys etc by the boat.
  6. Boats are used entirely at the members own risk, Seawake can not be held responsible for the actions of a member while the boat is under the members use and or control.
  7. We can only refuse the use of a boat subject to weather conditions and/or if the responsible member appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Safety is paramount.


Booking The Boats

  1. The boats are available from sun rise and must be returned 1 hour prior to sun set every day apart from the period between 10 January and 20 December.
  2. To book either email or telephone the Seawake Office on 01248 716335 or book online.
  3. Bookings can be made up to 30 days in advance and each member can request up to 10 boat days to be booked 6 months in advance.
  4. Consecutive daily bookings are allowed mid-week Monday to Friday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday and Monday. To book a boat on consecutive days, members book one day online then email with the request to book the consecutive day. We will then email all the members, if there are no objections we will book the consecutive day.


Terminating Membership

  • Annual Membership runs for a period of 1 year and will be renewed automatically. Should the member wish to terminate his/her membership then they will need to put this in writing to Seawake 30 days prior to the renewal date of their membership.